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Why am I Running for the UCP Nomination in Edmonton-Whitemud?


My Motivation

Our community desperately needs a change in representation. Over the past four years, we have all watched as the UCP government has attracted record investment, balanced the budget on $70 oil, and turned Alberta into the best place in Canada to live, start a business, and raise a family. This, while also dealing with the economic mess left behind by four years of the NDP. And yet, here in Edmonton-Whitemud, we haven’t really felt the same momentum that our fellow Albertans have been experiencing. This is a due to a lack of leadership. We need a seat at the table.


Working in the Legislature over the past few years, I have watched time and again as our NDP MLA, Rakhi Pancholi, has failed to advocate for the interests of her constituents. I have watched as our UCP Government has tried to work collaboratively with the NDP’s Edmonton representatives, only for these attempts to be ignored by our MLAs. We need change, and I am running to be that change.



What qualifies me to represent you?

To start off, I am a longtime resident of our community. I have lived in Edmonton-Whitemud for 15 years, and have a deep understanding of the issues and concerns of our people. I believe this connection to our constituency is essential for anyone seeking to represent us. This connection is also why I am so passionate about our need for better representation.


Furthermore, I have the right experience. I currently work for the UCP Caucus in the Legislature, and have previously worked at various levels of government. I know how to get things done in the halls of power. I have also worked and volunteered on over 30 electoral campaigns at both the federal and provincial levels, across the country. Not only do I have the experience to win the provincial election, but if elected, I also have the expertise to deliver results for our constituents beginning on Day 1.


But perhaps most importantly, I bring a fresh perspective. I am a young Albertan, and I know that our constituency is home to a number of young people. Young people are the future of this great province, and I am in tune with the issues that they care about most. I have the energy to take on MLA Pancholi and the NDP machine in the upcoming election, and the willpower to be a relentless advocate for the interests of our community. I also don’t carry any negative baggage with me. As a lifelong Conservative, I have been a loyal and dedicated volunteer for Conservative parties and candidates at the provincial and federal levels since I was in high school. With me, you can be confident in the exact type of representation that you will get.



What are my priorities?

My priorities are your priorities - my number one priority is to listen to UCP members, and all residents, in Edmonton-Whitemud. The role of an MLA is one of representation, and that requires listening. But there are a few priorities which I have already identified through my many conversations with constituents:


  1. Fiscal Management and the Economy - With my educational background in economics, I understand that a strong economy is the foundation of all of the services that government provides. In order to ensure our constituents receive the services we deserve, we must first be able to afford those services. That means a strong and vibrant economy where opportunities are endless. It means attracting investment and creating jobs. It means a skilled labour force and an attractive business climate. It means continued support for our traditional energy and agriculture sectors, along with expansion into various newer and emerging sectors. It also means sound fiscal management that balances the books and ensures long-term sustainability, rather than endless borrowing on the backs of our children and grandchildren.

  2. Education - Edmonton-Whitemud is home to a large number of children and families, and so it is no surprise that education is a hot topic. Having gone through our education system relatively recently myself, I am aware of both its many strengths, and the key areas in which improvements can be made. I am a strong advocate of our public education system, but it is not perfect. We can make it better, while also upholding the fundamental conservative principle of school choice.

  3. Healthcare - Again, no surprise here. Healthcare is a key issue across Alberta and around the world, as we come out of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Pandemic exposed many issues in our healthcare system, and I am committed to working with our doctors, nurses, patients, and all constituents to improve wait-times, availability, accessibility, and outcomes in our healthcare system.

  4. Infrastructure - The successful completion of the Terwillegar Drive expansion is a key priority for our community. This has been thrown into doubt at City Council recently. Thankfully, our MP Matt Jeneroux and Councillor Tim Cartmell have both been steadfast proponents of this project, and if elected, I will join them in working with the city to see this project through.

  5. Safety - Crime has continued to become a major issue in Edmonton. If elected, I will work with all levels of government to implement an effective strategy to deter crime in our community and across our city. Edmontonians should not be concerned for their safety in this city.

  6. Community - I will work to end homelessness and addiction, support those dealing with mental health challenges, and help our most vulnerable. We all fall on hard times, and I believe it is our responsibility as individuals and as a society to provide the helping hand that our fellow residents need.

  7. Unity - The United Conservative Party was founded on a vision of unity, not just between its legacy parties, and their members, but between all Albertans. I will work to bridge any divides that exist between Albertans, whether geographical, economic, political, or otherwise. I will promote civility, decency, respect, and cooperation in public office and in our discourse. Alberta is the greatest place on Earth, but it only works when we work together. And when the Federal Government infringes on provincial jurisdiction, like it has often done under Justin Trudeau, we must stand united to defend our interests.



How you can help

The biggest thing you can do to help me is to buy a UCP membership if you don’t already have one. In order to vote for me to be your next UCP candidate, you must have a valid UCP membership. Please note that this is separate from the federal Conservative Party of Canada membership. And if you already have a membership, make sure it will not expire before the nomination vote!

Spread the word. Tell your friends and family who live in the area. Also follow, like, and share on social media. The more Edmonton-Whitemud residents who buy memberships and vote for me, the greater the chance that I will be your next candidate, and the closer we will be to providing our community with the representation it deserves. This is your chance to help shape the future of our province!

Donate to the campaign. The more money we can raise, the more resources we can devote to this campaign. And regardless of who is elected as our candidate, any leftover donations from my campaign will be transferred to the Edmonton-Whitemud UCP CA, to be used for the successful candidate’s campaign.

Join my team! We are always looking for new volunteers who are committed to ensuring a better future for our constituency and province. Please reach out to us through email or phone, and we will find a volunteer role that fits both your availability and your comfort.




Why am I Running for the UCP Nomination in Edmonton-Whitemud?